“salvage” now available on Bandcamp

Glad to say the second AFD album “salvage” (originally released by Six Degrees Records in 2000) is now available in full at Bandcamp, with two extra tracks from the original sessions, plus two bonus tracks (only available on paid download) ‘Early bird’ pricing at £4 for now…

”Green creates a lovely and inviting sheen…even the traditional Shona piece “Cutting Branches” sounds likes it took a left turn into a Parisian cafe in space.”US BILLBOARD 26/8/00

“…before playing this lighter-than-air disc, you’d be well advised to nail your speakers to the floor.” US JAZZ TIMES 2/01

“An essential release for any fan of downtempo, chill-out, or global contemplation” WAX 3/01

“…a gorgeously chilled collection of well-earthed tracks…It’s like shopping organic in the supermarket, you get used to it ‘cos you know it’s good for you” DJ magazine 2/6/01

“…pure English summer, Big Chill, Enchanted Garden music…unique, interesting, and great for Sundays.” MUZIK 7/01

AFD @ Big Chill Enchanted Garden 1999

“Once upon a time, there was a young man, rough at the edges but with stars in his eyes…”

… and long hair. I do still have some but it’s not as long as that. Thanks to Steve Cobby for this brief clip from long ago. And thanks to Pete Lawrence for giving us the best of times…

AFD – new tune on Interchill’s ‘Waypoint’ compilation

Glad to say there’s new material on the way – first up, ‘Walk Tall’ (Throwback Dub Mix) now released on Interchill’s ‘Waypoint’ compilation


AFD remixes Kitten & The Hip

Yes, you may – possibly – have seen these folks getting jiggy with the dumb judges on X Factor recently (look it up, it was all over the press) but before all that happened they invited me to do a remix, and hell, why not ? Yes, it’s got a vocal on. No, it isn’t ‘ambient’. But hey, be brave, explore new territory… it’s a slice of fun, enjoy ;)

Erebus OR Terror ? Which one did they find ?

Seems the mystery that kicked off Erebus & Terror, by David Bickley & Tom Green, is now solved. Well, half solved.


Robin Williams & Koko


Reminded, of course, that many moons ago I licensed “Irish in China” (from the album ‘Salvage’ by Another Fine Day) to the Gorilla Foundation for use in this sweet, sweet, video. Still Have the T shirt they sent to say thanks. I’m sure they’d appreciate a little help to keep up the good work.

Newanderthal at WOMAD

Further info concerning acoustic side-project Newanderthal

If you’re heading for WOMAD this w/e, swing by the Taste The World venue, noon Friday. Newanderthal will be providing a little musical accompaniment to an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. If it’s anything like other Ethiopian coffee I’ve had, it’ll be Damn Fine Coffee. Damn fine music, too.