more kind words…

… this time from Darren Sanghita

“By comparison with many other contemporary ambient album releases, the sophistication of the geometry of sound is like luxuriating in the State rooms of Consciousness!”

“a good place to be” No 8 in Echoes’ chart

” At number 8, A Good Place to Be was worth the wait as AFD’s Tom Green creates a dreamy, ambient jazz meditation, but with a surreal world music touch with his kalimba.”

A Strangely Isolated Place …

… reviews ‘a good place to be’

“…Tom does a great job sticking to the basics and making something great, that will undoubtedly stick around for years to come. ”


AFD in Echoes podcast

Audio interview with John Diliberto at Echoes, right here

Interview with Ambient Visions

Bit of chat with Michael Foster at Ambient Visions …

… about this

a good place to be – remixed

… and here’s the remixes of a good place to be, courtesy of Hibernation, Greg Hunter, alucidnation, and Ishq – and one more from AFD,

new album ‘a good place to be’ out now on Interchill

Here ya go…

… or head for Bandcamp for more details + 6 min video previewthanking for all support.

Some lovely feedback so far :)

…”A true master piece that sounds both effortless, intricate and delicate at the same time…”

…”This album speaks to me on every level. Its mature, expertly-crafted musical gems exude inexhaustible listenability. Hooked.”

…”a beautifully rendered soundscape of subtle and sophisticated songs on the new jazz and ambient edge – a fine upgrade to any music aficionados life soundtrack…”

…”21st Century ambience at its finest…”

…”subtle, engaging, pushing the envelope of innovation… very good…

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