Life Before Land

“…talking of “ambient”, there’s some music in that genre that is so well made and easy on the ear that there’s not much more to say. The excellent Life Before Land by Another Fine Day, is a case in point. ” JOHN L WATERS, in THE GUARDIAN 10/7/05

“…this is music that I can’t ever imagine not being part of my life.”
“LIFE BEFORE LAND’ voted No 3 in THE INDEPENDENT’S “Best Ambient Albums” chart 7/05

“…working in his Brixton back room with the minimal street-tech resources of a million other wired bedrooms, Tom Green sucks forms out of air, giving audio shape to the feeling of a sitting on a curve of sand, synchronising to tidal, primal sound loops…” DAVID TOOP, 7/94

“…a fine example of the new eclecticism…this ambitious project succeeds through its ability to sound natural and supremely relaxed but challenging at the same time” ON MAGAZINE 9/94


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