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Award nomination…

Just heard my score for Layke Anderson’s ‘Shopping’ has been nominated for an award at the Liverpool International Film Festival… here’s the trailer

Shopping (2016) Trailer from Little Cricket Films on Vimeo.


Music for installations

Now that summer gigs are over and it’s back to the studio… I’m now actively looking to work collaboratively with visual artists needing some kind of sound in their installations, whether that’s recorded or live. Absolutely all and any projects considered, likely completion and display expected for 2017. Please contact and I’ll get back to you.

Haymanot Tesfa, June 11th London


Coming up June 11th at St Ethelburga’s, Bishopsgate, London. It’ll be a great pleasure to play array mbira for Haymanot Tesfa, a rising and truly stunning Ethiopian singer.

Amharic singer & traditional krar player Haymanot Tesfa was born & raised in Ethiopia and now lives in England, and is emerging as a rising star on the world music scene. Although her music is inspired by deep reflection on the dramatic ancient landscapes and meditative social & religious music of her Ethiopian roots, the sound of Haymanot’s voice is t he true song of a free spirit, fearless and intensely experimental. The songs Tezeta & Ambassel are the first recordings in a series of vibrant new interpretations of iconic traditional Ethiopian songs that will be released as her debut solo album CD later this year.

“Haymanot Tesfa’s range is extraordinary – at times deep and powerful, underpinning the rest of the music, and at times dancing across the top of it..her voice wraps itself around table after table, drawing them into her spell…people close their eyes, the better to listen and pick out the different strands of the music.” Catriona Troth

Klassik Lounge Nightflight, Vol 8

A fine complilation from DJ Nartak, includes this AFD tune from the ‘Firelight’ EP, available at Bandcamp, as always…

The Orb 25th Anniversary gig, July, Brixton

I shall be happily joining in on stage with Alex and crew for this one – 29th July, Electric Brixton

what a nice man…

Note from a very, very, very nice man indeed, re this tune

“I wish I could afford to pay you more right now for this little masterpiece, but I’m broke. Thank you.”

He paid £10.

For ONE tune.

Now that’s what I call a fan. Thank you, Oliver.

Kaleidoscope@Altitude Music

Sharing some space with the rather wonderful Toby Marks (aka Banco De Gaia) and Mark Barrott on this new library music album from Altitude Music – film or tv directors looking for quality library music in an atmospheric/ambient dub/world/quirky style may find it’s just what they’re after …

Winter Chill mix

Honoured to contribute an hour of deep chill for the Mixamorphosis Winter Chill series, mostly drawn from Elements and Erebus & Terror

their link here

or listen here

Seasons greetings to all…

… and here’s an audio-visual ‘christmas card’ to celebrate the winter solstice

free download for the ’12 Days of Christmas’ (ie, until Jan 6th 2016) right here

Have a good one, one and all, best wishes for 2016

Tom x

New chill from Interchill. It’s a bit chilled.

Couple of AFD tunes on this fine new compilation from Interchill