New mix up on Mixcloud

I’ve never been a DJ … but that nice Michael Thomas at the “Music for Listeners” show on KRTU FM, in San Antonio, Texas, invited me to put three hours of music together (from anywhere, anyone) for their 180 Mix series, the March 2013 instalment. You can find it here but I’ve also now put it up on Mixcloud. Mixes up all kinds of ambient/dubby/chilled/classical things from my own work to Miles Davis, Steve Reich, Monty Adkins,Bushmen of the Kalahari,The Orb, Pergolese, Vaughan Williams, Penguin Cafe Orchestra … and also includes some unreleased mixes.

Another Fine Day- 3 hour ambient/chill mix for KRTU, USA 3/2013 by Tom Green on Mixcloud

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