Bees, music, and survival.

So happens that this photo (taken on my allotment) has just won first prize in a tiny competition run by the Soil Association to promote the growing of bee-friendly flowers.

TomGreenBee+P 1

Which is nice …

But what’s that to do with music ? Well, there’s a strong line of the pastoral (dare I say romantic) running through a lot of my music. And I think a lot of people like that- we all come from a long line of hunter-gatherers, then growers, and we’re still tuned to the sounds out there. Birdsong may have become a new age cliche but they’re still better composers than we will ever be. And the sound of bees on my plot in May is one of the best sounds there is. It would be a total disaster for us, and the bees, if their music disappears. Quite probably the end of our civilisation, literally. Our lives depend on it.

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